Services - ResponsibilitiesPlayground

The Parish Council is directly responsible for providing the following services to the village:
• The recreation grounds at the Eversley Park, Finkle Hill and the Fairways as well as the pond at the site of the old bacon factory.
• Play areas in these recreation areas including the provision, regular inspection and maintenance of play equipment.
• The allotments.
• Some street lighting.
• The churchyard burial area.
• The war memorial.
• Contracting out the mowing of specific grass areas in the village.


The Parish Council has a consultative role in providing the following services to the village:
• All highways improvements including speed restrictions, traffic calming and new road layouts.
• All planning applications.



The Parish Council liaises with the following service providers on behalf of the local community:
• North Yorkshire Police.
• York and Selby primary and acute health trusts.



The Parish Council also supports the local community in the following ways:
• Taking a lead in getting things done in the village, ie. pursuing community grants for projects.
• Supporting local community groups.
• Supporting local community facilities such as the Eversley Park Centre.


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