About the Parish Council

The Parish Council is the sole Democratic body made up entirely of residents of Sherburn in Elmet.


There are 12 Councillors from all parts of the village who meet on the third Monday of each month at the Eversley Park Centre to discuss Council business.  The Parish Council as a whole serves a four year term which coincides with the four year term of the District Council.


On a day to day basis the Parish Council is responsible for:





The Parish Council is also committed to improving village facilities on Parish land and encouraging other groups and individuals to improve facilities they manage.  Over the last eight years we have worked to enhance our open spaces, with the all weather pitch at the Fairway, three new play areas, and the adventure play area and skate park at Eversley Park.  We have supported the Friday Youth drop in at Eversley Park, and given financial support to local sports clubs, the Gala Committee, the Scouts, and the Informer Community Association Newsletter, amongst others.


We are supporting a number of possible events in the village this year, including the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Fun Run in Eversley,Park, a Diamond Jubilee Party for the village and a possible battle re-enactment later in the year.  Look at the Informer and local press for details. Taken together with the Gala this should mean a lot of entertainment for all over the coming summer.


For the future, your responses to the questionnaire in the Informer, reported in January, have provided us with useful guidance on the sort of facilities people would like to see in our growing village.  89% of you wanted improvements to the appearance of the village centre, 75% wanted a permanent building for young people, 74% a swimming pool and 72% an indoor leisure centre.  


In response, we currently have a group of Councillors and residents working up a package for cosmetic improvements to the village centre,  including the Council land by the library, and we are working with the High School investigating ways that school facilities, including  the pool, can be opened up to the wider community. We will continue to monitor the housing situation and seek to ensure that any developers of housing built in Sherburn provide adequate financial contributions to improve services and facilities, including sports, leisure and youth facilities.  We will lobby for adequate infrastructure, including improvements to the services and facilities at our railway stations.


Please support us with your views and ideas.  We are all on the Parish Council because we want to improve the facilities in our village.

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